TAD Residency 2023
Silvia Battaglio - Sophie Ko - Amina Amici

Silvia Battaglio - Sophie Ko - Amina Amici

30th June – 8th July 2023
Monastero del Carmine
Via Colleoni 21, Bergamo Alta
Public Studio Visit:
Friday 7th July 2023 h. 19
Monastero del Carmine


TTB, Contemporary Locus and FDE are resuming TAD Residency in 2023 with renewed determination. TAD combines the will to carry on art experimentation and research via exchange, relational and sharing processes, with offering support to artists.

TAD Residency is a project involving the call and cohabitation of theater, visual arts and dance artists. It was born in Bergamo out of the collaboration between TTB, Contemporary Locus and FDE. Goal of the residency is the unbound experimentation of trans-disciplinary practices, shared by the invited artists in Monastero del Carmine, transformed for the occasion in a large co-working space.

The TAD Residency logbook, found in the 2 social diaries of the residence, will contain texts, images and videos depicting moments of shared time, activities and everyday actions.


TAD Residency 2023: Silvia Battaglio, Sophie Ko, Amina Amici. Monastero del Carmine, Bergamo. Courtesy le artiste, Contemporary Locus, TTB, FDE Festival Danza Estate. Ph. Mario Albergati - Contemporary Locus 

Silvia Battaglio - performer, director, and trainer - works with the Zerogrammi company.
Since 2005, she has been active in an authorial path oriented towards stage writing with a hybrid language between dance and theatre, collaborating with important realities such as Odin Teatret, TST Teatro Stabile Torino, TPE Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa, the University of Padua and the University of Turin. She is currently working on a new project: 2023, Dall'altra parte (Award for Contemporary Dramaturgy and Figure Theatre) for the Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia. In 2022, she directs and performs La sposa blu (The Blue Bride), which, after debuting in the season of the Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa in co-production with the Istituto per i Beni Marionettistici e il Teatro Popolare, is currently on tour in Italy. Her artistic projects include the Trilogy of Identity, which includes Ballata per Minotauro (2020; Festival Summer Palys/Teatro Stabile Torino); Orlando. Le primavere (2017; Teatro Stabile Torino); Lolita (2015; Odin Teatret; Teatro Stabile Torino). Among the creations in the repertoire, IoLorenzo&Giulia (2012; Teatro Piemonte Europa). Le corp de Jeanne (2011; Teatro Piemonte Europa); Io amo Helen (2010; Odin Teatret); Verso Elettra (2009; Teatro Piemonte Europa); Un sogno per Maria (2008; Teatro Piemonte Europa); Ofelia (2005; Teatro Stabile Torino).


Sophie Ko (Tbilisi, Georgia 1981; lives and works in Milan) places the question of time at the center of her works by establishing a strong symbolic relationship between the materials used - mostly pure pigments and ashes of burnt images - and the images created. The change and instability of materials in relation to the passage of time are some of the constants in her artistic research, which wedges between tradition and revolution with the apparent lightness of butterfly wings.
Trained at the Tblisi Academy and the Brera Academy in Milan, her most recent solo exhibitions include: E quando miro nel cielo arder le stelle, Building, Milan, 2022, Alzarono gli occhi e avvertirono il cielo, Galerie East, Strasbourg, 2022, Il resto della terra, Galleria de'Foscherari, Bologna, 2021. La forma dell'oro 9/12 Metaxú, Buildingbox, Milan, 2021. Atti di resistenza in Materie Spazi Visioni, Building Gallery, Milan, 2020, Geografie temporali, Galleria Internazionale d'Arte Moderna di Ca' Pesaro, Venice, 2019.
Since 2014 there have been 6 monographs on Sophie Ko's work.


Amina Amici (1976) trained as a dancer at the Dance Gallery in Perugia; she perfected herself with masters and seminars in Italy, Paris, London, and New York; she studied voice and emission techniques with Bruno de Franceschi. In 1999 she began her career with Michela Lucenti and Alessandro Berti (Balletto Civile) and then with Sosta Palmizi, of which she was an associate artist from 2009 to 2017.
Among others, she dances with Deja Donne (Sandroni/Flory), Compagnia Rodisio, Giardino Chiuso, and Compagnia Menhir. She collaborates on several projects with Tetraktis Percussioni. From 2008 to 2011 she danced for Carolyn Carlson at the CCN of Roubaix Nord - Pas De Calais. From 2011 to 2015 she worked for Studio D'action Théâtrale in Geneva. Since 2003 she has signed her choreographies and since 2017 she has been the author and dancer of the company Zerogrammi... In 2021 she works at the National Academy of Dance in the Resid'And project as teacher and choreographer.

TAD Residency 2023 is an initiative included in the project Acciaio e Cotone - invitation to tender Spazi in Trasformazione by Fondazione Cariplo