October 13 - 16, 2017
indipendent 8 - ArtVerona

On the occasion of i8 Contemporary Locus presents a journey traversing two elements – air and water – through the work of Francesca Grilli and Antonio Fiorentino, two Italian artists living abroad and long-term collaborators of our association.
The project was born from the desire to investigate the theme of travelling, ​extremely relevant to our present global and geopolitical situation, through the interpretation of two highly symbolic elements like water and air.
From two different approaches, the journey proposed by Contemporary Locus investigates our human condition and urges us to think about the relationship between fatigue and strength, time and memory, the natural and the artificial.

In The Forgetting of Air (2017, video) by Francesca Grilli, air and breathing mark ​the sharing of a vital space that equates ​the human history of residents and migrants.
In Opus Maris (2016, video) by Antonio Fiorentino​, water – and in particular the sea – ​is presented as repository of stories and memories, as matter that shapes the earth and acts on the form and history of things.

Francesca Grilli (Bologna, 1978) /
Selected exhibitions: The forgetting of air, Centrale FIES (2017) - MAXXI – Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Rome (2016); Open Studio, American Academy in Rome (2015); Faster Than Light, Fondazione del Monte, Bologna (2014); Wormhole, VZL Contemporary art, Amsterdam (2014); Variazioni per voce, Museo Macro, Rome (2013); Carte blanche à la Rijksakademie, Cinéma 2 – Centre Pompidou, Paris (2012); Vice versa. Padiglione Italia. 55. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte di Venice (2012); “The conversation”, Nuove Arti Award, Museo Mambo, Bologna (2010); Sleepover, Serpentine Gallery, London (2010); Francesca Grilli Video-screening, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin (2007).
In 2016 Francesca Grilli received the New York Prize.

Antonio Fiorentino (Barletta, 1987) /
Selected exhibitions: Vis Attractiva, MUHNAC Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, Lisbon (2017); Inscape Rooms, Istituto Svizzero, Rome (2017); Open Studios, ISCP, International Studio & Curatorial Programme, New York (2017); The Lasting, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome (2016); Vis Attractiva, The Open Box, Milan (2016); From&To, Centre of Contemporary Art Villa Arson, Nice (2014); Concrete Ghost, American Academy in Rome (2014); Corso Aperto, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como (2013); Ride the Falling Flux, Gallery Augusta, HIAP Helsinki International Artists Programme, Helsinki (2014); Dominium Melancholiae, Spazio Salenbauch, Venice (2013).
In 2015 Antonio Fiorentino received the Talent Prize.