Wednesday May 9th 2018, h 9 pm
Auditorium Piazza Libertà - Bergamo IT
curated by Contemporary Locus and Lab 80 film

Reflecting Memory is the last film by Kader Attia, with which the artist won Prix Marcel Duchamp in 2016. Based on phantom limb syndrome, it deals with the theme of memory and its ability to “repair” the fractures of history.
The film Reflecting Memory – presented in national premiere during Contemporary Locus 12 with the artists Kader Attia and Alvin Curran in the former Albergo Diurno (2017) -  at a great requested of the public, returns in a single projection with ARTMOVIE, the new international project born with the aim of presenting, distributing and producing artist and experimental films.

Reflecting Memory (France 2016, 48’)
Reflecting Memory is a documentary film about the phantom limb syndrome, in which specialists’ interviews (surgeons, neurologists, psychoanalysts) and mutilated people build a narrative and introspective path that guide Kader Attia’s reflections. Phantom limbs syndrome, which affects those who have lost a part of the body, consists in the sensation of persistence of a limb after its amputation, in the real perception of a pain coming from a part of its self no longer present, actually non-existent. In this film a fundamental concept returns in the artist research and poetics: the idea of "repair", not only physical but also moral. In Attia’s work repair does not imply an ideal of perfection or re-creation of an original condition, but on the contrary, it means involving memory, its politics and evocative power.

Kader Attia
Kader Attia (1970, France) lives and works between Berlin, Paris and Algiers and is internationally renowned for the modernity of the subjects he deals with, which are suggested by works of great influence in museums and international art exhibitions.
Brought up between Algeria and the outskirts of Paris, Attia explores the material and cultural history of objects and images that connect histories and identities associated with the assimilation process and conflicts between different cultures (colonialism, war, ethnic conflicts). The focal point of his research is the concept of repair.

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