ART MOVIE - ICAROS: A VISION by Leonor Caraballo and Matteo Norzi

Tuesday April 10th 2018, h 9 pm
Contemporary Locus and Lab 80 film present the new project ART MOVIE
With the preview of the film ICAROS: A VISION
by Leonor Caraballo and Matteo Norzi
Auditorium Piazza Libertà – Bergamo IT
With the presence of Matteo Norzi

RERUN: Wednesday April 18th 2018, h 21 (Auditorium Piazza Libertà – Bergamo IT)

Contemporary Locus and Lab 80 film open Art Movie, a new international project born with the aim of presenting, distributing and producing experimental artists’ film. The first projection is the film Icaros: A Vision, a national preview in Bergamo on Tuesday April 10th at 9 pm.
The film, directed by da Leonor Caraballo, photographer and video-artist from Argentina, died in 2015 before completing the film, and Matteo Norzi, italian visual artist and film-maker, shows the psychedelic experience of Ayahuasca, the ancient drink from Amazon, and of its indigenous communities. 

Icaros: A Vision (Perù-USA, 2016, 91’)
Looking for a miracle, Angelina lands at a healing center in the Peruvian Amazon where shamans minister to a group of foreign psychonauts seeking transcendence, companionship, and the secrets of life and death. Her perceptions altered by the ancient psychedelic plant known as ayahuasca, she bonds with Arturo, a young indigenous shaman who is losing his eyesight. In their hallucinogenic journeys together they attain a different sense of their destinies. She learns to accept her fears while Arturo, in turn, realizes that he will be able to see in the dark and sing his ceremonial healing songs, the icaros.

Matteo Norzi (Italia-Uruguay, 1976)
His explorative artistic practice took him through several extensive journeys along six continents. His art has been supported by important institutions, including Art in General, NY; Headlands Center for the Arts, CA; Artists Space, NY; Spinola-Banna Foundation for the Arts, Italy. As part of the collaborative duo Isola&Norzi he has exhibited internationally at venues such as GAM, Turin; NMNM, Monaco; David Roberts Art Foundation, London; Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice; Museion, Bozen. ‘Icaros: a vision’ marks his debut as a feature film writer and director. He brings with him years of personal experience and extensive research on Shipibo-Conibo history, culture and knowledge.

ART MOVIE curated by Contemporary Locus and Lab 80 film explores the relation between contemporary art and cinema: the project whises to spreading and enhancing the production of international artists and film-maker through projections and appointments, promoting the circulation of not easly accesible work, giving opportunities of direct dialogue with the artists.