KISS by Andy Warhol (USA, 1963/64)

curated by Contemporary Locus and Festival Orlando - identità, relazioni, possibilità
May 17 – 21, 2017 
Screenings every night from 7 pm on the glass window of the Domus 
Piazza Dante, Bergamo, Italy

In the Hollywood productions of the 60s a kiss could only last 3 seconds. In the film KISS, thirteen couples - heterosexual, gay and of different origins - kiss for 3 minutes each.
Contemporary Locus, which curates the art section of the festival Orlando by Lab 80 cinema, presents KISS by Andy Warhol (USA, 1963/64). Part of the history of art and cinema of the XXth century, today the film still holds its visionary and revolutionary character, more than fifty years since its production.
The open-air screening in one of the central squares in Bergamo, highlights a strong artistic message within the frame of Orlando, festival that focuses on issues of identity and relationships through the lenses of cinema, dance, theatre and art. 

KISS, Andy Warhol, Courtesy MOMA, New York (The Circulating Film & Video Library).
Thanks to: LAB 80, Domus - Bergamo